Zoffany Paints

Customers love our Zoffany paint range here at Kevin Kelly Interiors!

For those looking for a paint range with something special, the 128 shades in the Zoffany range come in three different finishes, making them ideal for uses on different surfaces. Finishes include Elite & Flat Emulsion, Acrylic Eggshell and Oil Based Eggshell. These finishes provide excellent colour depth and coverage on a broad range of surfaces.

The Zoffany colour palette suits both traditional and contemporary settings. These paints colours are thoughtfully created with the Zoffany fabrics and wallpapers in mind and if used in conjunction with these materials, the paints will compliment and enhance them.

The creatives at Zoffany have introduced tints of Zoffany’s most popular neutrals to the new range to offer a wider choice of muted tones for your project. The quarter, half and double tints from each colour group give a wider range of choice when co-ordinating and complimenting walls, furniture and woodwork.

The Zoffany water based paints contain almost no VOCs and their oil based paints have been specially formulated to allow for reduction in VOC content.

Whether you would like to contrast, compliment or co-ordinate your paints with the rest of your interiors, the staff at Kevin Kelly Interiors is more than happy to offer any advice you may need. It always helps to mention any furniture finishes, pieces of art and permanent fixtures and soft furnishings such as curtains, upholstery fabrics, etc. in the room you are painting. This will help to give us a better idea of your requirements and assist us in making the best paint colour choice for your project.

Call in today to pick up one of the new Zoffany paint charts.